Naren Panchal

Naren PanchalNaren Panchal’s art is deeply influenced by the hoary artisan traditions he grew up amidst, and the instinctive connection he shared with his native place; the blend in the colors of its textiles, the forms of its ancient carvings or crafts, and the pace of its leisurely life have all worked out his genre in myriad ways. His works are unconventional, and have the flavor of the earth, the given region.

The artist was less interested in the reduction of subjects to their geometric or sterometric components. Rather, he proceeds differently, starting with fragments of objects and organizing them into compact and rhythmical structures. This is not to say that reduction is not a feature of his work, but despite reduction, his pictures retain a distinctly tangible quality. The way in which he consistently incorporated objective elements like woodwork, folk forms, and newspaper images into his work established him as an exponent of the imaginative compounds or complexes of experience. Here, too, his object is to impart more tangles to the viewers’ sense of reality.

The discovery of zero was a phenomenon that intrigued everyone. “Shunya” became the single most significant contribution from India to the universe of numbers. Speaking about his current series of works the artist said, “Numbers envelop over lives in many subtle and patent ways. Instance: the seven charkas in our body, the number of months taken for a couple of cells to become a baby, the phase of the moon, the seven notes in music. Vast calculations as attempted by astronomers and scientists are also relevant even though they are not of the stuff of common folk.

“An artist’s individual perspective would seek to express the feelings from one’s heart. These would be translated into varied impressions based upon the medium of expression – be it music, painting, sculpture, architecture…

“My latest series of paintings are inspired by numbers in day-to-day life. They do not follow any rational order. They are the outpourings of my heart as it expresses itself to capture the flow of life.”

Naren Panchal passed away in November 2007.Artist profile unavaliable.

August 17, 1936November 28, 2007   Umargaon, Gujarat

  • Graduation from Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai
  • 2008 ‘Numbers’, Jehangir Art…
Selected Posthumous Exhibitions

  • 2008 ‘Numbers’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
    Selected Solo Exhibitions
  • 2004 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2003 Gallery 127, Mumbai
  • 2001 Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1999 Le Meridian Hotel, New Delhi
  • 1999 LTG Art Gallery, New Delhi
  • 1996 Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1995 A.B.C. India Ltd., Varanasi
  • 1995 Heritage Art Gallery, Chennai
  • 1994 Cache Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1992 Chetana Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1991 Gallery Aurobindo, New Delhi
  • 1990 Gita Art Gallery, New Delhi
  • 1968 Gallery Des Deux, Mondes, New York
  • 1967-84 Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1963-66 Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai
    Selected Group Exhibitions
  • 1999 ‘Multiple Images’, Organised by Multiple Sclerosis Society of India at Y.B Chavan Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1997 Lalit Kala Academy Regional Center, Chennai
  • 1999 Cache Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1996-97 50th Anniversary of India’s Independence
  • 1996 Son-Et-Lumiere Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1992 ‘Pioneers to the New Generation’, Art Care, Kolkata
  • 1992 ‘Image and Words: Artist against Communalism’, SAHMAT, New Delhi and 15 other Cities in India
  • 1992 ‘A Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh’, Vadhera Art Gallery, New Delhi
  • 1989 ‘Art for Cry’, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata
  • 1986 Chetana Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1984 Government College of Art, Chandigarh
  • 1979 ‘Kala Yatra’, Taj Coromandel, Chennai
  • 1968 Chetana Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1963 Organized by Vitrum Studios at Gallery Vanier, Geneva
  • 1963 Organized by Lalit Kala Akademi at Nairobi, Kenya
  • 1999 ‘Harmony Show’, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
  • 1997 All India Art Biennial of Rajasthan organized by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, Rajasthan
  • 1996 Bombay Art Society, Mumbai
  • 1995 3rd Asian Conference of Sexology, Contemporary Erotic Art, New Delhi
  • 1995 National Exhibition, New Delhi
  • 1966 The Bombay Art Society’s Platinum Jubilee, Mumbai
  • 1966 Bombay Arts Festival, Mumbai